Unveiling HopeLend: Decentralized Lending on Hope.money

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3 min readAug 8, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of HopeLend on Ethereum MainNet.

As an integral component of the HOPE Ecosystem, HopeLend is a decentralized, non-custodial lending protocol that’s set to redefine how you utilize and interact with assets not only within the HOPE Ecosystem and the entire DeFi space.

Hope.money pioneers in bridging DeFi, CeFi, and TradFi with the HOPE Ecosystem, featuring the distributed stablecoin $HOPE, aims to provide frictionless and transparent next-gen financial infrastructure and services accessible to everyone. This all-in-one ecosystem provides a comprehensive set of use cases for $HOPE, including swap, lending, custody, clearing, and settlement, while incentivizing users to participate in the ecosystem and community governance through $LT.

HOPE Ecosystem with Refined Lending Experience

HopeLend is a vital component of the HOPE Ecosystem, providing decentralized, efficient, and secure lending services. It greatly enhances the capital efficiency and use cases of users’ liquidity within the broader DeFi ecosystem. HopeLend is designed for all users, including non-crypto-natives. It’s a protocol where you can participate as a depositor, borrower, or liquidator and get rewarded. This protocol enables instant loans based on the pool’s state, eliminating the need for individual matching, so as to allow real-time on-chain deposit and loan transactions, after bypassing traditional financial systems’ delays and cumbersome procedures.

How to Participate


A depositor is a user who deposits assets to HopeLend and receives hTokens representing the user’s ownership and earning rights to the deposited assets. HopeLend aggregates assets in respective pools and lends them out to borrowers, with accrued interests proportionally distributed to all depositors.


A borrower is a user who obtains liquidity by borrowing from HopeLend asset pools. Borrowers open over-collateralized loan positions and receive dTokens representing a debt or obligation owed by borrowers. Through borrowing, borrowers can gain liquidity while maintaining their current asset exposures.


If the value of collateralized assets drops significantly, liquidators can step in to sell off the collateral and repay any outstanding debt to secure the remaining funds and protect the interest of the protocol and its users.


Providing precise and current pricing information for collaterals to ensure accurate valuation of the borrower’s positions and prevent any possible manipulation or fraud.

Interest Rates

The HopeLend protocol adopts the battle-tested “kinked interest rate model” commonly used in DeFi protocols. The earnings and costs for depositors and borrowers are influenced by the “fund utilization rate.

Interest Rates for Depositors

Liquidity providers can earn interest returns, which are determined by market participants’ borrowing and lending activities. Deposit rates are variable and can change based on market conditions and liquidity dynamics.

Interest Rates for Borrowers

Borrowers can choose to pay stable or variable interest rates.

Variable interest rates fluctuate as the actual fund utilization rate deviates from the optimal fund utilization rate, which is unique for every single asset pool.

Stable interest rates are not affected by the future change of fund utilization rate and thus are generally higher than the variable interest rate for the same level of fund utilization.

Mining Rewards

HopeLend is one of the very few lending protocols on Ethereum that rewards every contributor. Depositors, borrowers, and liquidators are all rewarded with $LT, adding an extra layer of benefits on top of the standard interest income and borrowing services. The reward distribution is collectively determined by the relative Gauge Weights and utilization rates of different asset pools.

Flash Loans and More

HopeLend also offers flash loans, a feature that allows users to borrow and repay assets in a single transaction without the need to possess the borrowed assets beforehand. This feature is particularly useful for users looking to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities and profit from collateral liquidation.

Welcome to HopeLend, a step closer to the age of Next-Gen Money.

Learn more about HopeLend: https://docs.hope.money/protocols/hopelend

Join Discord: https://discord.gg/hopemoneyofficial

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