HopeCard’s first Shopping Bonanza is now live! Enhanced benefits, new account rebate program and limited time rewards!

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6 min readDec 4, 2023

Hope.money’s ecosystem payment card — HopeCard’s first Shopping Bonanza is now here! HopeCard undergoes its first major revamp since its beta launch in September! Stand a chance to earn fee waivers and exclusive high spending rebates during this special event period.

HopeCard will undergo a major update on 4th December 2023. We have made multiple adjustments to the product itself, aiming to improve user experience.

Starting from today, HopeCard will release updates and announcements for our revamp. In the meantime, our Shopping Bonanzawill continue simultaneouslysimultaneously, so don’t miss out on exclusive discounts and rebates that are up for grabs!

Here are the activities you can participate in during our Shopping Bonanza:

  • Waiving annual fees (limited time): Transact 20 times during the event period to have your annual HopeCard fees waived, with no minimum requirement for the 20 transactions during this period.
  • Earning high rebates (limited time): For every 100 USD spent, receive 1 USD cashback on the following day. There will be no limits for cashback amounts, however, these transactions has to be completed during the event period.

Additionally, the original monthly fee for all existing users will be temporarily suspended with the restriction on withdrawals remaining intact. The newly revamped requirements will be effective after the event.

Get swiping this festive season and maximise your spendings with HopeCard’s shopping bonanza!

For updated HopeCard adjustments please visit the official beta website here: https://beta.hopecard.io/

About HopeCard

Card Fees

Card Activation Fee

The Card Activation Fee refers to the administration fee on the issuance or reissuance of our HopeCard, and is waived for first-time applicants of the Genesis Card. However, there is a reissuance fee of $10 required for every card replacement.

Annual Fee

The Annual Fee refers to the fee charged to HopeCard cardholders for the management and maintenance of their accounts. The annual fee of Genesis Card is currently at $9.90 per year, with an annual cycle of 365 days. The first-year fee is charged upon card activation and the annual cycle commences on the same day.

Users are required to top-up in order to receive a credit limit, where a minimum top-up amount is required for the first top-up to ensure a smooth user experience.

To top-up, please refer to the following link:


To welcome first time users, HopeCard will periodically introduce fee-waiver promotions. Please refer to our official website and social media platforms for all the latest information for HopeCard’s promotional events.

Conversion Rate

The Conversion Rate refers to the fee incurred during the conversion of crypto assets to the settlement currency for any repayments.

The Genesis Card currently settles with USD, with a standard Conversion Rate of 2.1%. The Conversion Rate is consistent across all account levels, where each account level has a different rebate ratio, and is subjected to amendments by the operating platform.

For more details, please refer to : Account level benefits

User Account Levels and Benefits

The HopeCard account level is currently divided into VIP and SVIP levels.

There are 8 VIP levels, with newly registered users starting at VIP0. Users can upgrade their account level through consumption and participation in events, and the current maximum level is VIP7.

SVIP is currently by invitation only, where users can only upgrade to SVIP through an official upgrade code issued by HopeCard.

Upgrade Methods

The upgrade conditions for HopeCard account levels currently include both Automatic Upgrade and Manual Upgrade.

Automatic Upgrade

VIP users can upgrade their account levels through Automatic Upgrade by accumulated consumption.

User Account Benefit Period

The user is entitled to the associated account level benefits for 30 days.

Upgrade Condition

If the upgrade condition is met during the benefit period, the account level will be upgraded automatically. The account will also enter a new benefit period of 30 days.

Upgrade condition: Accumulate a certain amount of consumption within the last 30 days. Details are provided in the following table:


Accumulated consumption amount(last 30 days):<$25/≥$25/≥$100/≥$400/≥$800/≥$1,800/≥$4,800/≥$8,800

The system will calculate the accumulated consumption amount over the past 30 days and process account upgrades at UTC 24:00 on a daily basis.

Example: If User A is at VIP6 on the 1st January 2024, and subsequently meets the criteria for VIP7 on 6th January, the account will be automatically upgraded to VIP7 at UTC 24:00 on 6th January.

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If a user does not meet the upgrade condition within the benefit period and does not meet the criteria for the current account level, the user’s account will be downgraded by 1 level, entering a new 30-day benefit period.


User A’s account was upgraded to VIP6 at UTC 24:00 on the 1st January 2024, assuming the user does not meet the conditions for upgrading by the end of January, nor meets the criteria for VIP6, the user’s account will be downgraded to VIP5 at UTC 24:00 on the 31st January 2024.

If the user still does not fulfill the criteria for VIP5 or higher by the 1st March 2024, the account will be downgraded to VIP4 at UTC 24:00 on the 1st March 2024, etc.

Manual Upgrade

An alternative way to upgrade account levels is to manually enter an upgrade code provided through the official HopeCard channels or special events.

User Account Benefit Period

For regular VIP users who upgraded manually, the corresponding benefit period is temporary and the length would be dependent on each specific upgrade code, with a maximum duration of 90 days.

Upgrade Condition

Manual upgrades take immediate effect upon submitting a valid upgrade code.

Automatic upgrades would still be applicable to regular VIP users who upgraded their accounts through applying an upgrade code, as long as they meet the relevant upgrade condition.

Downgrade Condition

If the user does not meet the conditions for the relevant account level or any higher level, the user account level will be downgraded by 1 level upon expiration, etc. This condition aligns with the downgrade rule for automatic upgrades.

During the temporary benefit period, if the user upgrades to a higher level and experiences a subsequent downgrade, the downgrading condition is consistent with automatic downgrade condition stated above. As long as the temporary benefit period has not expired, the account will not be downgraded below the manually upgraded level. If the account is downgraded from a higher level than the manually upgraded level, the benefit period would be the longer of the “remaining temporary benefit period” from the upgrade code and “30 days” from the downgrade.

Example 1:

User A’s account was upgraded to VIP5 using an upgrade code on the 1st January 2024, with a benefit period of 60 days (expiring on the 1st March). On 11th January, the user fulfilled the VIP7 upgrade condition by accumulating consumption. On 11th March, the account level of User A experienced 2 consecutive downgrades, returning to VIP5. As the benefit period has expired, the account enters a new benefit period of 30 days, which will only expire at UTC 24:00 on 11th April.

Example 2:

User A’s account was upgraded to VIP 5 using an upgrade code on the 1st April 2024, with a benefit period of 10 days (ending on 11th April). On the 2nd April, the user fulfilled the criteria for VIP 5 through consumption. As the remaining benefit period is 9 days, being less than 30 days, the new benefit period is 30 days, expiring at UTC 24:00 on the 2nd May.

Note: Rebate will take effect from UTC 24:00 on the 1st January 2024

User Benefits Explanation

Cashback Rebate on Consumption

The cashback amount is equal to the consumption amount multiplied by the corresponding rebate ratio of the user’s level. The cashback is credited to the user’s account after each settled transaction, where this amount can be used for future spending but would not be eligible for additional cashback.

Reward Points on Consumption

Reward points earned through consumption are equivalent to the consumption amount multiplied by the corresponding points-to-spend ratio. A 100% ratio means 1 reward point will be awarded per $1 consumed. Points are rewarded immediately after each settled transaction but will be deducted in case of a refund.

Reward Points on Referral

Reward points obtained through invitations will be issued once the invitee’s HopeCard account has been activated.