Celebrate HopeLend MainNet Launch with Multiple Giveaways!

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3 min readAug 7, 2023


200,000,000 $LT Up for Grabs During the First Week

HopeLend is launching on Ethereum MainNet after a successful Public Beta.

As an integral component of the HOPE Ecosystem, HopeLend is a decentralized, non-custodial lending protocol that’s set to redefine how you utilize and interact with assets not only within the HOPE Ecosystem and the entire DeFi space.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, Hope.money has meticulously prepared a series of campaigns and giveaways. These events will span from August 8th to August 26th, lasting for two weeks.

Remarkably, the first week alone boasts rewards with a cumulative value of up to 200,000,000 $LT (equivalent to around $10,000 USDT).

Read below for detailed rules of each campaign, interact with HopeLend, and stand a chance to win multiple prizes!

We’ve prepared 5 Giveaways!

1. HopeLend Welcome Airdrop

You may complete the tasks below on dedicated event pages on Galxe, QuestN, and other channels. By completing all the tasks, participants will be eligible for a lucky draw, with each winner receiving a reward of 200,000 $LT (equivalent to around 10 USDT).


  1. Follow Hope.money’s Twitter
  2. RT the campaign Tweet
  3. Join Hope.money’s Telegram
  4. Join Hope.money’s Discord
  5. Additionally, users who complete the tasks can open a ticket in Discord. Each will receive a HopeLend Welcome Airdrop, consisting of 100,000 $LT (equivalent to around 5 USDT)

2. HopeLend User Airdrop

During the event, users who completed the “Supply” function on HopeLend with any amount will receive an airdrop with a random amount of $LT worth from 5 to 500 USDT. Each address can only receive the reward once. Additionally, users who completed the “Borrow” function on HopeLend with any amount will also receive an airdrop with a random amount of $LT worth from 5 to 500 USDT. Each address can only receive the reward once.

Each unique user can receive rewards from both the “Supply” and “Borrow” airdrops, once each.

All rewards will be verified by on-chain activity. Users are not required to fill out any forms.

Time for daily rewards distribution and announcement: 11:00 AM (UTC+8)

3. Share Your Trade and Win

Users who completed transactions with Supply & Borrow can share their trade in the Discord community’s #earlybird-hopelend channel along with their wallet addresses.

Regardless of the transaction amount, the community admins will randomly select 10 users from all people who share their trades on the previous day for award distribution. Once the on-chain data is verified, each selected winner will receive a reward of 100,000 $LT (equivalent to around 5 USDT).

Each wallet address is eligible for this reward only once during the event.

Time for daily rewards distribution and announcement: 4:00 PM (UTC+8)

4. Grand Prize Pool for Top 10 Users on HopeLend

All users who engage in Supply & Borrow activities will automatically enter the HopeLend Ranking Board, without the need for any additional action.

Hope.money will track the total amounts of all transactions made by users in Supply & Borrow functions. Before the end of the event, the Top 10 users with the highest transaction amount will be rewarded with the grand prize.

Total Prize Pool Amount

The total worth of the prize pool will be determined by the funds deposited into HopeLend during the event.

Hope.money will proportionately allocate $LT into the prize pool, following a ratio of 1 USDT to 10,000 $LT, with a maximum limit of 10,000,000 $LT (equivalent to around 1,000 USDT). The more individuals engage in lending through HopeLend, the greater demand for deposits, thus accelerating the growth of the overall size of the prize pool.

Top 10 Reward Allocation

Top1: 50% of the total prize pool

Top 2–5: Equally share 30% of the total prize pool

Top 6–10: Equally share 20% of the total prize pool

Snapshot time: 08/15 4:00 PM (UTC+8)

5. HopeLend Survey Reward

On August 15th, Hope.money will publish a survey questionnaire on the user experience of HopeLend. Users can fill out the questionnaire within dedicated channels within the community. Based on the level of completion, validity of responses, and participation in other campaigns, Hope.money will select active participants to receive an airdrop of 1,000 $LT each.

Survey launch time: August 15th, 4:00 PM (UTC+8)

Please join our community for real-time updates and discussions regarding the official launch of HopeLend and exciting campaigns.